The unique and patented friction damper device consists of several steel plates rotating against each other in opposite directions. The steel plates are separated by several shims of friction pad material producing friction with the steel plates.

The damper can upgrade structures in an economical way because it 

  • is easy to manufacture
  • is easy to install and maintain
  • is made from a material that
  • is available world wide
  • can be install in structure in remarkable short time
  • can be used for many times.


When an external force excites a frame structure the girder starts to displace horizontally due to this force. The damper will follow the motion and the central plate will rotate around the hinge. The horizontal plates will rotate in opposite direction to the central plate because of the tensile forces in the bracing elements. When the applied forces are reversed, the plates will rotate in opposite way. During this process the damper is dissipating mechanical energy by means of friction between the sliding surfaces in to thermal energy (heat) and thus minimizing the vibration of the frame structure.


See these movies  of how it works: