Base Isolation

Damptech provides base isolation dampers that are used for buildings and structure of all sizes: From Low-rise to high-rise buildings. Our dampers have been installed on numerous projects in Japan since 2001, and have been subjected to rigorous testing in both Japan and at DTU (the Danish Technical University), one of the leading structural laboratories in Europe. The base isolators have also performed perfectly during the past 15 years.

Buildings with Damptech Base Isolation Dampers

Selected projects in Japan

  • 5 Storey New Building with Base Isolators
  • 46 storey Residential Tower
  • Production Facility Project in Tokushima
  • Laboratory Project in Yokohama
  • 3 residential buildings with 40 floors


The innovative methods for control of seismic vibrations -  the base isolation and passive energy dissipation - are considered nowadays fully mature technologies for earthquake protection of people, facilities, buildings and their content. Frictional and other types of damping devices are important integral part of seismic isolation systems as they serve as a barrier against the penetration of seismic energy into the structure. With its simple design and easy-to-install mechanism, the FDD of DAMPTECH can fit in many isolation systems.


Testing of single FDD units and base isolation model with these devices was conducted on a shaking table facility in Japan as shown on the photos below. Moreover, this concept is applicable to seismic protection of elevated and roof-mounted equipment (water tanks, HVAC units, etc.). Frictional and combined damper devices of DAMPTECH can be inserted in floor isolation systems as well, which prove themselves to be suitable for computer rooms and buildings housing high-tech equipment.

Preservation of cultural heritage is another field where the expertise of DAMPTECH may help. Masterpieces of art such as statues and ancient ruins can be saved for the future generations by simply isolating them at their bottom and placing dampers at preselected locations.