Cable Stay Bridge Vibration Control

The Multi Unit Friction Dampers are configured in a Rhombus shape damper, that attach to cables to prevent cable vibration and failure. The corrosion free stainless steel dampers are quickly and easily mounted to the cables and change the resonant frequencies of the cables.

Cables can swing up to 3 meters/ 10 feet on larger bridges, with the right combination of rain and wind, drastically reducing the lifespan and safety of the bridge.  Damptech produced stainless steel dampers to solve this problem, for either pedestrian bridges or large scale bridges.

Lusail Pedestrian Bridge, Qatar (download reference)

Bridge photo:

'Stibro' Bridge in Odense, Denmark (download reference) 

Bridge photos reference: NIRAS & Gottlieb Paludan Architects

Different Sizes & Capacities

Rhombus One Unit

Rhombus Two Unit (2 plate friction surfaces)

Rhombus Three Unit (3 plate friction surfaces)

Selected Project Photos