DAMPTECH is the only company in the world providing damping devices and solutions based on patented Rotational Friction Damping Technology.

DAMPTECH dampers can protect buildings, bridges, elevated highways, towers, offshore structures, industrial buildings, houses and prefabricated panels (metal or wood) against earthquakes, storms or waves.

The Rotational Friction Damper was patented and registered originally in 1999, and most recently in 2014, and is wholly owned by DAMPTECH A/S.

For any inquiries please contact us or our official local agents in your country. For Japanese market, please contact KAWAKIN CoreTech company, which is producing and selling DAMPTECH’s Rotational Friction Dampers under license.

The DAMPTECH Dampers main advantages:

  • Efficiently reduces vibrations
  • Very reliable performance
  • Very economical
  • Easy to manufacture and install
  • Compact and Light weight
  • Can fit in small and narrow spaces
  • Max. energy dissipation among all
  • Can easily be adjusted after use (in place)
  • Can be used for many times
  • A wide range of different design models & applications
  • No maintenance*
  • Long lasting life time (usually more than life time of structure, depending on the conditions of use)

DAMPTECH dampers are equally suited for new concrete, steel and timber frame structures as well as for retrofitting of existing structures.

*Depending on the frequency of earthquakes in the region.


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