11 Projects in Japan Using Damptech Dampers

Project 1 Abenobashi Terminal Building(Japan's highest skyscraper)

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Abeno Harukas opened on March 7, 2014. The building is 300 meters tall and has 62 floors, making it the tallest building in Japan. It includes a Station, Department Store, Office, Hotel, Art Museum, and Observatory.

The building has seismic resistance capable of withstanding earthquakes 1.5 times larger than the level specified in government regulations, thanks to its state-of-the-art earthquake-resistant technologies. The structural frame is used that can withstand earthquakes with an intensity of 7 on the Japanese seven-stage seismic scale.

Damptech scope included installing V-bracing 4J Dampers. High capacity dampers in the range1500 – 5000 kN were developed for this project.

Project 2 in Japan | Second Ancient Temple in collaboration with Takenaka Corp.

Project 3 in Japan | 5 Storey Laboratory Building

Project 4 in Japan | Residential Tower Project in Osaka

Location: Osaka-city,Osaka,Japan
Main Use: Apartment House, 257 units
Total floor area: 32,387m2
Number of floors: 44 + 2 pent house floors
Maximum height: 144 m

Project 5 in Japan | Production Facility Project in Tokushima

Location: Anan-city,Tokushima,Japan
Main Use: Production Facility
Total floor area: 12,638m2
Number of floors: 9
Maximum height: 35.55 m

Project 10 in Japan

Location: Tokyo
Main Use: Apartments
Total floor area: 8,037m2
Number of floors: 12 (Above ground)
The information below is from Takenaka Corp. on July 2011

In 2011 a strong earthquake struck Tokyo. Previously accelerometers had been installed in an apartment building which was equipped with Damptech dampers for earthquake protection. The accelerometers had been installed in the building at the ground level, 1st and 12th floor to measure the performance of the building during earthquakes. The observed acceleration of the 1st and 12th floor of the building was very close to the simulated acceleration of the building. Furthermore the acceleration of the 1st floor and 12th floor was reduced by 50% and 40% respectively compared to the simulated response of the building without dampers. In conclusion the building which was equipped with Damptech dampers performed very well. 

Project 11 in Japan | First Ancient Temple In collaboration with Takenaka Corp.